Last Chance to Provide Input on Caltrans Bike Projects

As previously noted, Caltrans is currently developing a plan to improve bicycling along and across our state highway system. In Petaluma, this includes US-101 and CA-116 (Lakeville Avenue east of US-101).

Head to Caltrans’ interactive web map to review, “like,” “dislike,” and comment on projects that have been identified, or suggest new ones.

Identified projects include:

  • Buffered Class II bike lanes along Lakeville (east of 101, within city limits)
  • Class I crossing near Riverfront development
  • Marin-Sonoma Narrows bike route
  • Improved 101 crossing @ Target
  • Improved Washington/101 interchange

We’d like to see the proposed Class II bike lanes along Lakeville upgraded to Class IV (protected bike lanes), if feasible, as well an improved Target crossing that is better designed for bike access.

What are your thoughts? Feel free to comment below.


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