Help Us Build the Bicycling Movement in Petaluma!

Mission Statement

Bike Petaluma strives to create a town where people of all ages and abilities can enjoy bicycling for transportation and recreation.

Call for Applications

Bike Petaluma seeks committee members to support our volunteer organization. Our goals range from improving bicycle safety, mobility, and infrastructure to raising the profile of and celebrating all forms of bicycling in Petaluma. Opportunities are currently open to serve on the Steering Committee, Advocacy Sub-Committee, and Community Engagement Sub-Committee (see descriptions below).

We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers who can make a commitment of at least one year. Individuals can serve on up to two committees. Each will meet once per month, typically for 1-2 hours on a weeknight.

Application Deadline: Monday, March 26, 2018 | Application Link

Committee Descriptions

Steering Committee

  • Develop governance structure for Bike Petaluma.
  • Provide strategic direction for the organization, including some oversight of both sub-committees.
  • Establish partnerships with aligned organizations and businesses, such as Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition.

Advocacy Sub-Committee

  • Develop and promote a vision for Petaluma’s bicycle network.
  • Closely track relevant city, county, and regional planning processes.
  • Initiate campaigns and mobilize constituents to support these campaigns when needed.

Community Engagement Sub-Committee

  • Promote bicycling-related services and resources available to Petalumans.
  • Organize local events to celebrate and improve bicycling in Petaluma, sometimes in coordination with key advocacy efforts.
  • Promote safe, courteous, and responsible use of roadways, paths, and trails.
  • Encourage local businesses to provide bike parking and incentivize bicycling for both employees and patrons.
  • Support bike to school and bike to work programs, including County or regional efforts.


2 thoughts on “Help Us Build the Bicycling Movement in Petaluma!

  1. Bernie: Isn’t this what the city’s Bicycle & Ped. Advisory Committee is supposed to be doing?
    Why is this a stand-alone entity–couldn’t it be created under SCBC?


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