Advocacy: November 2020 Candidates’ Statements

On behalf of the group, we asked pertinent questions of the City Council candidates who are running in the Tuesday, November 3rd election.

The questions:

  • How do you get around Petaluma?
  • What role does bicycling and walking play in your vision for the future development of Petaluma? If elected what strategies/tools/resources would you utilize to realize this vision?
  • What are Petaluma’s biggest transportation challenges? What policies or projects would you promote to address these challenges?
  • Petaluma streets are increasingly congested and worn if elected, how would you propose to improve infrastructure in the City?
  • What is your position on SCTA’s Go Sonoma sales tax measure and what should Petaluma use the money for if it passes?
  • Why should people who care about street safety, bicycling and walking issues vote for you?
  • What role do you think bicycling and walking play in addressing the climate crisis? How can these forms of active transportation help the city meet its climate goals?
  • How would you define transportation equity, and how would you work to improve it in Petaluma?

We have received responses from the following candidates.  Click each name to go to their responses:

Brian Barnacle

Susan Kirks

Kathy Miller

Dennis Pocekay

Lizzie Wallack