Act Now – Support Better Walking/Biking in Petaluma

Protected Bike Lane Mpls w_ Kid

Image: Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition

Earlier this year, Bike Petaluma and Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition teamed up to ask the Petaluma City Council to prioritize updating the City’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan in 2017. That update has not yet occurred, nor are there currently any plans for it to occur.

Even worse, City leadership recently indicated that it would rather leave potential grant funds on the table than update the plan.

How You Can Help

  1. Sign our petition urging the City of Petaluma to prioritize updating the Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan in 2017-18.
  2. Attend next Monday’s (9/11) City Council Meeting at 6:45 PM and ask the Council to prioritize a Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan update. You can check a box in the petition to RSVP; we’ll send you a reminder and some talking points prior to the meeting.When: Monday, Sept. 11, 2017, 6:45 PM | Where: City Hall Council Chambers, 11 English Street, Petaluma

Why It Matters

Of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plans that have been adopted in California, Petaluma’s is now among the oldest. The Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan provides the blueprint for improvements that would make Petaluma a safe, active, and healthy community. It is crucial that this plan is kept up-to-date in order to incorporate:

  • New approaches to bicycle network planning
  • The latest in street design techniques
  • Recent changes in Petaluma’s bicycle and pedestrian network, and
  • Projects that would compete for regional and state funding and/or can be included in new development or street repaving projects

Low-Stress Networks = More People Biking & Walking

Communities emphasizing low-stress bike and pedestrian networks that serve people of all ages and abilities have had the greatest success at increasing the number of people biking and walking for transportation. A plan update would provide the community an opportunity to consider the latest in low-stress street design techniques, helping to realize a safe and comfortable bike and pedestrian network that works for all Petalumans.

An Updated Bike & Pedestrian Plan = More Grant Funding

Funding opportunities for bicycle and pedestrian projects are extremely competitive. By including the latest in bicycle network planning and by illustrating broad community support for projects prioritized in an updated Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan, the City will be more competitive for the funding needed to get these projects on the ground.


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