Community Input

There are several surveys happening right now that are looking for input from people who bike in Petaluma. Please share what you know to help Petaluma improve. 

The Petaluma General Plan has a visioning workshop that is looking for input on what the goals of the plan should be. Start here to tell the city what you want Petaluma to look like before they start writing the plan.
There is also an in person event at the Petaluma Library Branch: Thursday, October 7, 1:30 – 3:30 PM

Bike Petaluma is trying to get Petaluma included in next years Places for Bikes city rankings. In order to do that we need people who ride in Petaluma to fill out this survey about the current state of biking here. Because Petaluma hasn’t been ranked yet you will need to write it in when you get to the part where you put in what city you are in.

There is a Sonoma County Vision Zero survey which is looking for information on where you ride and what areas are dangerous.

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