Who We Are

“I’m Luigi! I love to ride my electric-assist Yuba bike with my 3 and 5 year olds. My wife Sabrina loves riding too! We met at BikeSummer SF 1999 through mutual friends–what an epic way to meet, right? I have long been an activist and community organizer, also a participant in such great things as “Midnight Ridazz–Los Angeles” which brought hundreds of people into the streets on a regular basis (it started after rush hour, and so avoided the conflicts and politicization of Critical Mass). I’m so pleased to be joining forces with people like Amber, Adam, Bjorn, John, etc, etc–all you longtime committed people who are making this project a reality. My priorities are “Safe Routes to School”, and continuity of routes within Petaluma and connecting neighboring communities. I’m a Solar-power Mechanical Engineer down in Richmond, so I’m REALLY looking forward to a bike lane on the Richmond Bridge so I can train/bike it to work.”

“Hello, I’m Jestin. I love all kinds of biking: commuting, racing, and riding around town with my kids. I just want to see more people riding bikes in Petaluma.”

“Hello! I’m Eric, a relatively recent transplant to Petaluma (2 yrs) from San Francisco (5 yrs) and before that Chicago (30+ yrs). I bike to live and live to bike. Biking and public transit are my primary ways of getting everywhere I want to. I cycle for fun and mental/physical health regularly too. I’ve been involved in Bike advocacy groups in some manner every where I’ve lived, (SCBC, SFBC, SF Critical Mass, Chicago Critical Mass, Chicagoland Bicycle Federation). I’m passionate about bike advocacy, community, and awareness. I love Petaluma and I’m extremely excited to see this organization getting off the ground. Lets do this!”

From Ken: “Like many Americans I biked as a kid, but as soon as I got my driver’s license I stopped. I only seriously started biking again 6 years ago when I lived in Italy and I went on a biking vacation with local friends. I couldn’t believe how much fun it was to ride a bike and I couldn’t believe I’d given it up. So I took up cycling as a fun, safe pastime while I lived in Europe. I was very impressed by the biking culture – it’s nothing for grandmothers to go grocery shopping on their bike. Three years ago I moved back to California and settled in Petaluma. I’ve continued biking – I ride two or three times a week, often with the Petaluma Wheelman cycling club. I like riding on the back roads of Sonoma County where there is very little traffic. I find riding in and around Petaluma pretty unpleasant. Here’s to making it better!”

From Adam: “My infatuation with bicycling began over twenty years ago as a bicycle tour guide leading trips around the world. Since then I’ve become a regular bike commuter and a consistent advocate for biking to improve health, transportation and quality of life. Prior to moving to Petaluma, I was an active member of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and am currently a member of the Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition and the Petaluma Wheelman. Petaluma could be an amazingly bikeable city. It simply lacks the infrastructure and culture to realize its potential. I am excited about the work that Bike Petaluma is doing and hope you’ll come join us.”

“I’m Amber, I’m interested in all aspects of making Bike Petaluma a successful venture to build the bicycling movement in Petaluma. About my bike: its paint is so rusty I can’t read the brand! It gets me where I need to go around town, and I don’t have to worry about theft…my only problem is keeping up with my eight year old! I’m looking forward to more opportunities to advocate for bikes in Petaluma, guide the direction of this group, and participate in community biking events.”

“I’m Joop, Being Dutch via both parents, bicycling was in the gene pool. It was always a way to get around and a way to make money. As in a paper route. I have really never stopped riding since childhood. I now bicycle for fun and commute via SMART and my bike to Kaiser in Santa Rosa. Favorite ride: always Chileno Valley, more fun with 1 or more friends. I like to go out to Fallon Rd and then to the Tomales bakery and then take Chileno back in. I would never expect cycling to be as easy and unstressful as it is in Holland; but we can improve it here. I want to be a part of that process.”

“I am Sheila, a retired senior living in a PEP senior low income housing apartment who is car-free due to lack of affordability and love of the Mother Earth. Luckily I can ride a bike but struggle to traverse the city streets. I long to ride the streets of Petaluma from West to East Petaluma without impediment. Hopefully someday I can. Thank you Bike Petaluma for your hard work to make it happen.”

“I am Dana, I grew up riding a bike and have continued cycling as an adult. As a youngster in Napa, CA I had a paper route and earned enough to buy myself a Schwin Varsity 10-speed. My bike was my major form of transport not only for work but to get back and forth to school. As a young adult my wife and I did a long range tour from Portland OR back to Napa. I began cycling again about 10 years ago and joined the Petaluma Wheelmen. In Dec of 2017 I had a seizure and lost my driver’s license. I have had to rely on public transportation for my work and cycling to get around town. Having to rely on a bike in Petaluma gives one perspective on how poorly this city has instituted and maintained it’s bike infrastructure. I use my bike to go to grocery shop at Trader Joes and Whole Foods, using the Lynch Creek Trail to get over to the east side. The trail is great, the connections on each side are poor. How do you safely get from downtown to the new water street bridge? It is difficult and dangerous at best. My experience as a cyclist, self employed professional, and mostly as a person who has to rely on cycling to get around this town can support Bike Petaluma’s mission.”

“I’m Bernie, I have a long history of public service with bicycle and pedestrian advocacy non- profits and government organizations and committees, starting in Cupertino,CA 1996 and continuing in Sonoma County 2001 to today.”

“I’m Kit, My bike is one of my modes of transit, the others being walking, and public transit. I am always concerned with safe routing of both bicyclists as well as pedestrians. I advocate for safe infrastructure for people to more readily be able to safely commute across town. I look forward to a day when a lot of Sonoma County is accessible by MUPs as well as via public transit. I want to work with other advocates to create safe pathways that people of all ages feel safe riding. I think it’s important also to hold classes for bike-riders so that they are empowered to do what the Vehicular Code of CA allows them to do- what are those laws, and how can people learn to confidently ride alongside of vehicles? I am also interested in figuring out how to partner with businesses and the City of Petaluma to create bicycle boulevards and maintain and improve existing infrastructure.”

“I’m Bjorn, My passion for bicycling is driven by my desire to connect people of all ages, physical abilities, and income levels with their community. As someone born and raised in Petaluma, I have a genuine desire to improve the health, sustainability, and happiness of this town.”

“I’m Kelly, and I became passionate about bicycling as a form of transportation and exercise while living in New Orleans. While there I worked on the city’s 2.5 mile biking and walking corridor called the Lafitte Greenway. After my time in New Orleans, I moved out to Santa Cruz, California and then Petaluma, where I continue to bike to work as much as possible and bike around town. I look forward to improving Petaluma’s bike infrastructure and making the city a safer place to bike for everyone.”