Petaluma City Council approves $59,225 in funding for new class III bike lanes.

The City recently applied to and received $48,500 in funding from the BAAQMD to add 3.6 miles of Class III “sharrow” bike lanes to Petaluma, matched by $10,725 of City funds. The City’s statement that “increasing the bicycle network could greatly decrease vehicle trips within the City” is an unlikely scenario given how few people feel safe riding in Class III lanes. Incidentally, one of the new lanes includes connection across McDowell right by the proposed Safeway gas station, where traffic flow will be high. You can familiarize yourself with the City’s 2008 Bicycle Pedestrian Plan, which is currently 5 years overdue for updating. Then think about what types of bike lanes you’d like to see the City get funded based on your experience as a citizen bicyclist.